11'0 Tamarack Sage

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The Tamarack Sage Inflatable Paddle Board is 11’0” long, 32” wide and 6" thick. The premium Woven drop-stitch construction provides a lightweight and responsive feel when paddling. Our 3X Carbon layering process integrates two reinforcing layers of PVC and an extra layer of carbon fiber along the sidewall. This technique significantly increases the boards rigidity for improved speed and stability. Additionally, all of our boards are made using a Welded construction to ensure a lasting & resilient bond against all elements. With a weight capacity of 320 lbs, riders can enjoy this board solo or share their adventure with a loved one.
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Feature Packed All-Around

The Avalon is designed with the highest quality construction in a stable and responsive all-around shape. This board is packed with extra features, attachments & premium accessories.

Connection Accessories

Four stainless steel D-rings allow for connecting a seat or the included over the shoulder carrying strap. Additionally, the veclro loop fastens the paddle to the board for hands free transportation.

Extra Carrying Handles

A total of five carrying handles are positioned at the rear, center, nose & above the traction pad. Riders can approach the water from any side of the board while maintaining control.

All-Around Shape

The rounded bow & square stern of the board provide optimum surface area for greater stability. This shape provides a comfortable ride in virtually all water conditions.

Extra Features

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2 Accessory Mounts

Designed to allow riders to attach fishing rod and cup holder accessories.

Paddle & Speargun Holdeer

Velcro straps with silicone grips securely attach the paddle to the side rail of the board. Fasten your paddle safely at your side when taking a break from paddling or transporting.

Seat & Strap Mount

Four stainless steel D-rings allow riders to connect a variety of seat attachments or the included shoulder carrying strap for easy & comfortable transport.

Front Handle

Easily pull your board to shore or onto the deck of a boat with the front, center & rear handles.

Carbon Fiber Sidewall

The sidewall of each board is made with two layers of military grade PVC and an additional layer of reinforcing carbon fiber. This 3 layer construction provides unrivaled rigidity and durability.

Premium Accessories

Each inflatable paddleboard kit includes a 3pc Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle, Wheeled Backpack, Dual Action & Reversible Hand Pump, Tooless Touring Fin, Coil Safety Leash & a Carrying Strap.

Woven Dropstich

Tens of thousands of dropstich fibers connect the top and bottom layers of the boards to create its shape & rigidity. A woven rather than linear technique creates a lighter and stiffer board.

Reinforced Carbon Sidewall

The sidewall is constructed with 2 layers of high denier, military grade PVC, and an additional carbon fiber layer for increased rigidity & extra protection in high impact areas.

Welded Construction

The primary sidewall layer that encapsulates the air is fused together with a stronger & more durable heat & pressure bond, rather than the traditional glue method.

Product Specifications


11' x 32" x 6"


290 Liters

Board Weight:

23 lbs


Carbon Fiber Hybrid


Wheeled & TSA Friendly

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