A Comprehensive Guide to Registering Your Luxury Inflatable Catamaran with the State DMV

Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a Further Customs luxury inflatable catamaran! As you prepare to embark on thrilling adventures on the water, it's essential to ensure your vessel is registered with the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Registering your boat not only complies with the law but also provides you with numerous benefits and peace of mind. In this blog, we will answer common questions about registering an inflatable boat and provide you with a step-by-step process to make the registration smooth and hassle-free.

1. Why is Registering Your Inflatable Catamaran Important?

Registering your inflatable catamaran is a legal requirement in most states. Registration helps in identifying your vessel, ensuring it meets safety standards, and enables authorities to contact you in case of an emergency. Additionally, proper registration allows you to access public waterways and enjoy recreational activities without worries about legal consequences.

2. Who Needs to Register Their Inflatable Catamaran?

The registration requirement typically applies to any vessel propelled by machinery, including luxury inflatable catamarans. However, it's essential to check your state's specific laws, as some states may exempt certain categories of vessels or boats used exclusively on private waters.

3. What Documents Are Required for Registration?

To register your inflatable catamaran, you'll need the following documents:

a. Proof of Ownership: This can be a bill of sale, manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO), or a previous registration if you bought it used.

b. Hull Identification Number (HIN): Unique to each vessel, the HIN is usually located on the transom of your boat.

c. Completed Application: Obtain the boat registration application from your state's DMV or their website and fill it out accurately.

4. How Do I Find My Catamaran's Hull Identification Number (HIN)?

The HIN is usually engraved on the transom or the back of the boat. It is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that serves as your boat's fingerprint, providing vital information about the manufacturer, model, and year of production.

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your Inflatable Catamaran:

Step 1: Collect Required Documents - Gather the necessary documents mentioned earlier (proof of ownership, HIN, and completed application).

Step 2: Pay Applicable Fees - Check with your state's DMV for the registration fees, which can vary based on the boat's size and your location.

Step 3: Submit Application - Submit the completed application and required documents to your local DMV office or follow their online registration process.

Step 4: Receive Registration and Decals - Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your boat's registration certificate and identification decals. Display the decals prominently on your catamaran as required by your state's regulations.


Registering your luxury inflatable catamaran with the state DMV is a necessary step to ensure compliance with boating laws and enjoy safe and legal adventures on the water. By following this comprehensive guide and checking your state's specific requirements, you can easily register your vessel and look forward to unforgettable experiences on the open seas.

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